Expeditors ECCO System Integration

Sylectus announces the general availability of their latest software integration module. The Sylectus AlliancePro software now integrates directly into the Expeditors ECCO system.

"Expeditors is pleased to be able to improve the productivity of both our carriers and our internal staff through the integration with Sylectus. By allowing key event and tracking information to be transmitted from Sylectus AlliancePro to the Expeditors Ecco system, we have reduced workload and redundancy - and enhanced the overall process. We will be working closely with the Sylectus AlliancePro subscribers to get all our preferred carriers fully integrated with this new interface.  This is certainly a win-win-win for everyone involved." 

— Jeremy Geertsma, Domestic Cargo Services Manager, Expeditors, Detroit

To summarize what Sylectus AlliancePro has in terms of integrating with Expeditors ECCO, here are the features that our software, AlliancePro, now supports:

1. Ability to set-up Expeditors ECCO interface rules and credentials (id, password, event update activation, position update activation).

2. Ability to tag an order in AlliancePro as an ECCO load. When ECCO builds the necessary interface, we will eventually be able to copy the order from Expeditors directly into the AlliancePro order management system. ECCO expects this feature to be ready by Q1 2012.

3. Ability to automatically send position updates to Expeditors ECCO system (through manual position updates, GPS Enabled Cell Phone, Qualcomm satellite position updates, or MacroPoint satellite updates).

4. Ability to automatically send event updates (Arrive Shipper, Loaded, Arrive Consignee, Empty with POD, ETA, etc.) to Expeditors ECCO system (through manual event updates, GPS Enabled Cell Phone, Qualcomm satellite position updates, or MacroPoint satellite updates).

5. Ability to manually resend an event update through the AlliancePro Event Notification screen (in case the auto update failed).

6. Ability to filter the search in Order Inquiry by Expeditor Loads'. The "Expeditor Number" is displayed below the pro number/ travel order number.

"Expeditors is excited to have completed this first stage of integration with Sylectus. We are process-driven, and technology focused.  These type of enhancements improve productivity and reduce carrier cost.  More importantly, they allow us to be even more proactive in the identification of potential problems in a given shipment. We want to thank the Sylectus programming staff, the Expeditors programming staff and the several AlliancePro carriers who participated in the design, development and testing of this valuable integration tool."   

Jeremy Geertsma, Domestic Cargo Services Manager, Expeditors, Detroit

With this announcement, Sylectus maintains its leadership position in integrating carriers with their customers.  Sylectus already integrated with National Logistics Management (NLMi), Active Aero Premium Transportation Management (AA-PTM), Universal Traffic System (UTS), many EDI systems and now the Expeditors ECCO system. .

How can I take advantage of this new automation?

If you are a authorized carrier for Expeditors and your are an AlliancePro subscriber and you want to gain access to this interface, please contact our office at 519-972-1272 and ask to speak to the sales department or email sales@sylectus.com.

Together, it just keeps getting better ... and the best is yet to come!